Pouring Concrete from Above

CarbonStar Rating System


The CarbonStar   Rating System is a technical specification for embodied carbon of concrete quantification & verification.


Setting the Standard

CarbonStar is designed to allow anyone, from governments and architects to contractors and roadbuilders, to quantify the embodied carbon of concrete. 

The standard provides minimum requirements and recommendations for the quantification and verification of the embodied carbon of a unit of concrete, including any carbon that is permanently sequestered during the production of the concrete or its input materials. The CarbonStar rating can be positive or even negative, in the case where more carbon is sequestered than emitted in its production.

Accuracy Meets Simplicity

Concrete can be formulated with a myriad of formulas incorporating multiple components or “ingredients”.  This creates a challenge to quantify a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for each customized mix.


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are thus only assigned once a particular mix is continuously repeated.  Until now, there has been no universal and accurate methodology for calculating the carbon intensity of every discrete concrete end-product.

CarbonStar calculates the embodied carbon in any custom-designed concrete mix.

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